Four New Menthol Cigarette Brands in Winston Range

November 3rd, 2015 00:00
Winston XS tobacco

Japan Tobacco International announced a week ago the release of four new tobacco products from Winston range, the second major tobacco brand in the world : Winston XS Spirits Menthol 8 Box, Winston XS Spirits Menthol 5 Box, Winston XS Spirits Menthol One 100's Box and Winston XS Inazma Menthol 5 Box. All tobacco products will be released across the country in December 2015.

Introduced in the United States in 1954, Winston is currently an international brand with more than 60 years of history and tradition. In August 2015, Cabin and Caster brands were incorporated into Winston and from this month, the packages will be presented in a new design structure, expressing their revival under the Winston brand.

In accordance with our goal to fulfill the varied choices of our customers, JT has geared up a range that enables a selection of flavors to be savored under the upgraded Winston Brand. In addition, to go one-step forward, we are happy to present three tobacco products from a new taste variety of menthol, the bitter-type XS Spirits Line. In addition, we are happy to present the new ''Winston XS Inazama Menthol 5 Box'' from the straight-type XS Inazma Line, which is already available on the market.

Along with our new bitter-type ''XS Spirits Line'' menthol, taste variety a capsule is included in the filter. Prior to crushing the capsule, smokers can delight in the refreshing experience of strong menthol. Already after crushing it, a bitter, vibrant and mellow taste with refreshing sensation can be experienced. These menthol products are totally new to the tobacco market.

Our new packaging illustrates the products' unique benefits, employing a deep green for the basic color along with a graphic of warm colors to stand for the mellow taste spread out from the capsule. Under the straight taste style of menthol variety, the ''XS Inazma Line'' products offer a straight taste of strong menthol, which creates an energizing, electric sensation. These tobacco products permit you to take pleasure in a relaxing sensation along with a clean, clear taste.

The packaging conveys the unique of these tobacco products – a strong, refreshing flavor released by solid menthol – with a black base color and a green XS design. With the release of these four new tobacco products and beyond, JT improves product portfolio of Winston range and is devoted to satisfy customers further on.

By Sara Norton, Staff Writer.
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