Marlboro Touch Cigarettes Brand Revealed in a New Design

January 13th, 2016 00:00
Marlboro Gold Touch

Included in the continuing progression of Marlboro, Philip Morris has revealed a full update for Marlboro Touch, formerly referred to as Marlboro Gold Touch. The UK is the first market where Marlboro Touch was launched- which currently includes many high quality improvements and an exclusive blue design.

The brand has improved Marlboro Touch to a soft touch package and firm filter, maintaining the consistency with other products from the Marlboro range. The firm filter makes it possible for adult cigarette users to use a cleaner way to stub out their cigarette, along with adding a total feeling of excellency, without having any effect upon taste. The most recent rebrand comes after the improvement of Marlboro Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol in February 2015.

The numerous improvements currently highlighted on Marlboro Touch identify the raising needs of the adult smoker to possess high quality features and a high quality smoking experience, yet at a reasonable price. Being attentive to adult smoker wants, Marlboro has completely improved the Touch proposition, while keeping the 20 stick count, and providing an extraordinary ‘affordable luxury’ price placing of £6.99. The well-liked blend and taste of the product continues to be the same. Marlboro Touch also proceeds to be offered in price-marked and non-price-marked packages.

Managing director for the UK and Ireland, Martin Inkster, said: “We are happy that the UK has been selected as the first market to display this newest progression of the Marlboro brand. The Marlboro Touch improvement satisfies adult smoker needs by presenting a premium quality cigarette brand, with 20 sticks, at a more cost-effective price point.  It also offers solid profits for merchants from the extremely profitable low price segment. “Along with tax and competing price boosts, this newest innovative improvement for the brand provides outstanding value in each and every way. Marlboro Touch is a must-stock brand in its segment.”

By Sara Norton, Staff Writer.
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