Movie Icons Accused for Teen Smoking

March 10th, 2016 00:00
Leo smoking

Film celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone and John Travolta who on a regular basis light up on screen are influencing young people to start smoking, based on a research.

Psychologists from the United States consider they have real proof that young fans are influenced by the image of their idol with a cigarette.
Even when they acknowledge that there are restrictions to their research, Jennifer Tickle and her colleagues from New Hampshire stated their investigation found a remarkably strong connection between use by movie celebrities of tobacco and larger levels of smoking in the teenagers who enjoy them.

The smoking pressure group Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) is requesting the British Board of Film Classification not to provide less than a 15 certificate to a movie displaying teen idols lighting up. Clive Bates, director of Ash, stated: "We don't want to censor directors and actors by prohibiting cigarette use in movies by law, however we do call on them to consider about damage they are causing. "Hollywood megastars can come across the greatest support in the world to prevent smoking if they wish, but for young fans the impact of their preferred actors could be the begin of a lifetime battle with nicotine addiction."

The set of questions, in the medical journal Tobacco Control released these days, presented 632 students, aged between 10 and 19. They were asked about their tobacco consumption and also the name of their most liked film star. Three movie stars - Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone and John Travolta - lighted up in three or more films. They discovered that those teenagers who called a favorite movie star who had lighted up on screen were much more likely to smoke or state they were inclined to smoke. And the more their movie idol lighted up on screen, the higher the chance that the young person would be a smoker. "This investigation demonstrates an obvious connection between on-screen tobacco use by film stars and larger levels of smoking uptake in the adolescents who value them," stated the researchers. They added that there was no proof that teens who already smoked were more intrigued in the people who lighted up in the movies they watched.

They acknowledge that adolescents may respect film stars who smoke since it fits their pre-existing idea of "cool" behavior. The final results of the study stated the authors "bring about a growing body of facts determining media publicity to smoking as a main contributing factor in adolescent smoking uptake."

By Steve Shepherd, Staff Writer.
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